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Cute, short and charming >v<

FabiPhin responds:

Thank you!

Simplistic with not alot going on, but nothing wrong with that!, i personally like it, and there is room for improvement here too

weird sound effects
but overall good

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Great short rage game! not much to say except it's really fun and definetly worth your time to beat!

30 minutes of cruel hell i enjoyed

While short, you have to take into account this is made for a game jam so some lienency for that there, but overall a fun enjoyable rage game! reminds me alot of Getting over it (and that may aswell be the inspiration for it) but nevertheless it was still fun >v<
Gets insanely hard after 4th upgrade to the sword though, like jumps from do-able to just flat out go to hell (which i assume is the intention)

Anyways to cut this comment short, great jam game overall! this deserves to be front paged in my books!

Shows alot of effort in here, but also has a load of technical issues, characters popping in and out of the UI, characters hiding buttons because of their placement, etc
Has a relatively easy system/controls though but its just five nights at freddy's which isnt saying much
The sprites show alot of charm and are cutesy, other than that not much i can say on this game, besides needing a bit more work into it, mainly the bug sides of things
For your first newgrounds game on here though it's good and i hope to see you continue to make more and improve your craft into other creative and unique forms

TubbyShortsOfficial responds:

yeah, i plan on remaking this later.

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Yoooo this is amazing!!

Everyone say hi to the kitty

Awww, for a first post this is really great! would love to see more of your art :0

GraveNG responds:

Tysm!! I'll be posting more of my art soon :D

I make art every now and then.


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